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James Granberry

James Granberry

Austin, TX


Photography and art are my passion. I love taking photos of landscapes, sunsets, and florals. Then digital minipulated creation begins. I specialize in my series "Make Every Negative A Positive." I also like layering art renderings and blending original image with the rendering. The result is bringing real particular elements of the image from the rendering, this is my "Coming to Life" series.

My artistic desires and upbringing I can thank my parents for. My mother, Abigale, was an art and music major from The University of Texas, in Austin, Texas. Mom's father retired as an Engineering Drawing professor from U.T. My grandfather on my father's side retired as a Dean of electrical engineering from U.T. but had an artistic streak in him. He was friend with, and took water color painting lessons from Gideon. I guess some of this artistic passion has been passed on to me, at least a fraction of it.

I was born in Austin Texas and I am still here. ;) Once my parents gave me a camera when I was 8 yrs. old I haven't been able to set it down. I used to like sketching and painting but my interests steered more towards photography. Now I like to combine the two with visual art.

You can also keep up with my works on Face Book on my Minda Productions page.


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